Sally Walshe's prints, paintings and drawings explore current themes in her life, her observations and interests.

More specifically her work explores the darkness and lightness in life with an element of humour. Her themes have included domestic tensions and the fleeting moments of parenthood, fantastical worlds and landscapes, and current social and personal issues. Her work is honest and aims to portray hidden truths, the intangible and the forgotten.

Born in Canada and raised in Melbourne, Sally has had a colourful and eclectic life. She often seeks out experiences to fulfill her voraciously curious appetite from unusual occupations, to hiking solo around the world and to venturing into unique experiences. She enjoys challenging her own expectations of herself.

Her art has been in a number of selected exhibitions and she has won a number of awards for her printmaking, such as a Toyota Community Spirit award. Sally has also had a number of solo art exhibitions, both in Victoria and interstate. 

In addition to enjoying random adventures Sally also enjoys dancing, yoga, getting away into the bush, laughing and behaving outside social norms, especially for a laugh. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.